Oh Shit, It’s Kelsey.

Hey y’all. I’m Kelsey, 21 years old (yes, old.), and I have a lot of feelings…

That’s the short of it, anyway. I’m kinda strange, but most intelligent people are, right? I still haven’t graduated from college. I’m finishing online because I hate dealing with stupid people and get frustrated easily and a boatload of other reasons that will probably somehow be revealed in this blog. I’m going for a degree in General Studies because I have no earthly idea what I want to do with my life. I’m floundering a bit but y’know. I’ll find my way somehow.

Current fun things happening in my life include therapy, finding and training my very own psychiatric service dog, working at a really awesome pet boutique owned by one of the major pet stores, and living with my parents. The last one was deeply sarcastic. I love my parents and living rent free, but I’m so ready to leave the nest. Amanda and I are planning on getting an apartment at some point but at the moment, we’re both flat broke, so that could be a while.

I guess I want to be an author. I like writing. I’m pretty good, not that this post is a huge indication of that (feel free to ask to read anything). So until I make the bestseller’s list, I’m probably gonna be stuck in my parents’ basement.

More interesting part here:

I’ve been riding since I was 8! It feels like a lifetime ago now. I have ridden so much, and I still have so much more to experience. My riding career began as a barrel racer and pole bender. Then I saw my friend jump and I wanted to do that. So at 13, I moved to an eventing barn, where I suffered under awful instructors and did not appreciate dressage. So then I tried hunters, and it was more fun because the trainers were nicer. I liked equitation from the start. I liked the challenge of striving for the perfection of subtlety and that the judging was based more on the rider than the horse. My family isn’t the richest in the world, so I knew I would never be able to afford a fancy equitation horse (still can’t afford a horse UGH ONE DAY I SWEAR). Once we started a barn IEA team, I was hooked. IEA was the best three years of my life. I wouldn’t say I won every class. Far from, actually. But I earned every ribbon I got because I fought hard for them. God did not bless me with an equitation rider’s body: I am long torsoed and short limbed, my shoulders slump terribly, my head is tilted downwards, and my heels cannot drop to the arena dirt. But boy did I fight for those points for the sake of my team. And we went to Zones every year. I always felt unappreciated by my team for the hard work I did on the ground, like prepping the horses or tacking or holding or cheering on my teammates. And it wore on me. By the time I got to college, I was so done with being a team player, and my career in both IHSA and IDA was very short.

More recently, I was a working student for an equitation and jumpers trainer. I found myself wrapped up in local shows, something I had dreamed of doing for years, and loved every second of it. Show jumping was this new, post-equitation challenge. The courses were harder, the turns tighter. The timer added a whole new element. Like meth, it only took one hit of this drug to hook me. I was moderately successful on a fat yellow half Haffie and found myself craving success more and more. Unfortunately, this trainer and I had a very strange falling out and I was no longer able to ride that wonderful horse.

I took a long break from riding after that due to an unrelated nerve injury. When my current trainer Megan came off hiatus, I was scared to go back to her. She was an old friend from my high school barn. But I just didn’t want to get hurt again. I had been grievously hurt by my previous trainer/employer. So it took me almost buying a $300 OTTB and asking Megan if I could board with her for me to finally admit I was ready to ride again. Megan welcomed me with open arms and a horse to lease.

It’s a struggle, financially and physically, but God is it so worth it. I’m getting back in show shape and can’t wait to take you along for the ride.

Please don’t judge me. ^_^

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