Lesson Report 12/29 – Kelsey on Mini Me

Due to poor ring conditions from the recent rain, today’s lesson was mostly flat work. Which is totally awesome.

We started with trotting some poles and avoiding the deep mud and sloshy end of the arena. I need to work on applying my leg to make each round through the poles more lively and animated instead of hit or miss runs. We had one particularly good ride through, where Mini wasn’t trotting like a total cart horse. Bless that little pony.

Next was time to drop my stirrups, which I really enjoy doing because I used to be really good at no stirrups and I want to get back there. I lost the muscle when I took that year off to rehab my nerve injury, which le sucked, but I’m going to get back to that place! I know it.

After two laps of no stirrup posting trot, Megan set up an exercise for me. Four ground poles were arranged to form a square in which I could do probably a seven meter circle. The goal was to ride the rail of the square and turn a 90º corner in each corner. This required me to half halt on the outside rein and use a lot of outside leg to move her shoulder over. Mini Me has a tendency to drag riders, and I have a very weak leg, so this was tough for both of us. But before too long, I managed to make a couple good squares. To prevent Mini from falling in or me from getting frustrated, we only made two squares at a time before trotting a lap around the arena and starting once more. I found it much easier to complete this without stirrups than with. It also showed me I need to do more leg work. Time to hit the gym!

Lastly, we rode a little crossrail trot to canter each direction to warm up. Then, Megan wanted to work on my eye. I was to count down “five, four, three, two, one” to the jump. I could manage to catch the right spot four strides out, so that’s another thing to work on. I’m gonna try to get to the barn when it’s quiet for my free ride this week and set myself a ground pole course to work on my eye. Let’s hope the ring dries eventually because it’s disgusting right now.

For fun, I did a little 2’3″ vertical just to change up the pace.

I’ll add video later….

Edit: I added video!

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