My riding goals

I can’t leave the house today because my old health insurance ran out yesterday… and the new health insurance doesn’t kick in until the first of the year. With my luck, I would end up getting in car accident on today of all days, so in my housebound boredom – plus the fact that it’s about to be a new year – I thought now would be a good time to write about some of my riding goals!

2015 Q1 Short Term Goals
things to accomplish over the first quarter of the year (January-March)

    I was watching the video from my last lesson and I noticed that I was… not really releasing at all. This is a problem I had back when I was in high school – four or five years ago – but apparently, with the break… it’s come back. Last time we fixed it by having someone yell “RELEASE!” at me every time I went over a jump. Hopefully this time it won’t take quite that much! 😉
  1. Start exercising
    We all know that riding is a pretty physically demanding sport. Most pros have a fitness regime beyond just riding. I need to get on this. When I was a kid and a teenager, I never needed to exercise – riding alone kept me fit. But my body has changed (boo), and this is no longer the case. Kelsey and I are planning on signing up for a kickboxing or martial arts class together, which I’m particularly gunning for since my job likes to put me in not-so-safe locations at all times of night, and I am a very small person. I’ve also been looking at a lot of pilates/yoga for equestrians exercises online so I might be trying out those too!
  1. Post more without stirrups
    Because who doesn’t love being in pain? I have what is commonly referred to as a ‘leg of steel’ as well as a ‘great seat’ so sitting the trot either with or without stirrups is not generally difficult. Posting? That’s another matter entirely. I really want to build up more strength in my legs and this is a great way to do that.
  1. Be able to hold two-point for longer
    I’m not sure how I’m quantifying longer – laps around the arena? Minutes? I don’t know, but I’d like to get better at this. Again, who doesn’t love being in pain? (Hint: it’s me. But I’m willing to make the sacrifice.) Hopefully this will be another way I can build strength as well as balance.

2015 Long Term Goals
things to accomplish over the course of the year

  1. Be able to ride more than once a week
    This is going to be difficult for obvious (read: financial) reasons, but I’m feeling pretty good about being able to do this at some point in the next twelve months. After such a long break I had almost forgotten just how much I love horses – not even riding, just being in the barn, really. Now that I’m back, getting out more is pretty much all I can think about!
  1. Maintain riding fitness
    This one’s pretty obvious. It’s no use getting into shape if I’m not going to stay there. It’s going to be hard while I’m only riding once a week, but I’m hoping I can be diligent. Unfortunately, I might actually be the literal laziest person in the world, especially when it comes to exercising, so I think this goal is probably going to be the most difficult.
  1. Get my auto release back
    The last few months I was at university I was developing an auto release – and it was amazing. Auto releases change everything, if you have the balance to do it. But I don’t right now. In fact, as mentioned above, I appear to not really have a release at all right now. I think that a year is a long enough timeframe that hopefully I will have the strength and balance to get this back.
  1. Attend or audit a clinic
    Because learning never stops!

What are your goals for riding, both short and long term? I’d love to hear about them – maybe they’ll give me some ideas!

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