Obligatory Goals Post

A new year brings a new show season. Gah, who can afford that? Certainly not me.

Short Term (within the next four months)

Get my eye back
As a show jumper, distances can make the difference between a clean round and a pulled rail. I used to be able to see distances six or more strides out. Now I can barely see four strides away. I’d like that skill back, if nothing else for the well being of my horse.

Ride a full course
My trainer will have me ride pieces of a course, but I have yet to ride a full course. So before April, I’d like to do a full course with turns. Megan is great at coming up with courses, and I am great at remembering courses. I want the challenge and I want my trainer to have faith that I can do it.

Drop my stirrups
When I was in Virginia, we dropped our stirrups all the time. I have shown an entire hunter round without stirrups, quite well. Currently, I’m still struggling back into riding shape. I must drop my stirrups a minimum of fifteen minutes each ride.

Long Term (before December 31st, 2015)

Show at least once
I’m broke. But I love competing. And I love the test of a horse show. So I plan to show at least once in the 2015 season. It’ll most definitely be local, most definitely be jumpers. I’m just not sure if I can swing it for the first show the barn is going to in February since I’m getting my new service dog. But it’ll happen before the end of the season.

Ride in a clinic
I love learning. A lot. Other instructors have a fresh eye and might explain something with a fresh perspective that makes it easier to understand. For this reason, I enjoy clinics. There’s a dressage clinic at the barn in a couple weeks that I might do. I absolutely love dressage, though I’m rubbish at it. But there are so many benefits to riding dressage, so I might end up doing it.

Lesson without stirrups
The ultimate test of my no stirrups work: can I survive one of Megan’s lessons without my stirrups? I’ll hopefully hit this goal more than once!

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