Everybody loves a good pony photoshoot!

As you may or may not have noticed, our blog has a new look! …Well, sort of. This past Thursday we went out to the barn and took some photos with the horses, and one of our favourites is now our fancy new header image. Of course, one photo is never enough, so here are some more that we liked!

BONUS POINTS for getting two ponies to smile at the same time!
This one is currently on our ‘about’ page.
Kelsey and Audio
I like this one because it looks like Mini is trying to eat my hair.
pony kisses
new profile smaller
My current Facebook profile picture. Dover catalog, here we come! 😉

Have y’all ever done photoshoots with your horses? I like to think that one day, we’ll be able to shoot like professionals!

In other news, I’ll be travelling for most of next week, and then Trainer will be out of town the week after that – so I’m going to be a little light on the actual riding-related posts for the next few weeks (on the bright side, I’m saving money?). However, Kelsey is starting a half-lease on the chestnut featured in these photos, Audio, and I’m sure she’s going to have a lot to say – plus I’ve got some fun ideas for other things to write about! Stay tuned~

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