You Don’t Have to be Lonely

We all know how that one ends…

Having seen this commercial dozens of times left me wondering. It seems finding one’s life partner is a journey everyone has undertaken. There are dating sites for college students, farmers, nudists, cougars, tall people, people leading a gluten-free life, mustache aficionados, the Amish (umm…), trekkies, poker players, even 420 enthusiasts! So why shouldn’t there be one for horse people?

In fact, I have found some! Rest assured, equestrians, you can still find your cowboy or cowgirl! The sites I’ve found are Equestrian Cupid, Equestrian Singles, Horse Date, Western Match, Horse & Country Lovers, Horse Rider Date, and of course Farmers Only. I’m sure there are more, but this was just a quick Google search.

Fear not, dear friends. I have no life outside of work and the barn. Let’s be real, Audio has my heart. But of course, I’m happy to investigate for you. So let’s delve into Equestrian Cupid, shall we?

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.27.35 PM

Welcoming home page. If I were their photographer, I probably would have gotten another shot where the bay wasn’t swishing his tail straight up. People are being paid to sit on a horse and kiss each other, after all. Why not get the perfect shot?

Cue the lengthy profile information…

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.26.12 PM

Once you type up some info about yourself and upload a picture (I chose one from our photoshoot!), you come to this screen. It seems they have attempted to make the site a social network modeled after Facebook. It shows you your activity along with other equestrian singles. Just like Facebook, I’m really not that invested in other people’s far more successful lives but I look anyways. Must be nice to have money to spend so you can message someone on a dating site… That bachelor’s is really gonna increase my salary. I hope.

So the people of Equestrian Cupid are, according to my highly scientific test, are

  • Country folk
  • Very afraid to disclose information about themselves (a lot of profile answers were set to “please ask”)
  • Mostly Christian (but then I only looked in my surrounding states and it is the bible belt…)
  • A lot of military men (!!!)
  • Mostly heterosexual

If you’re looking for someone more suburban or urban, other than Christian, or other than heterosexual, you might want try eHarmony.

It was a fun adventure, Equestrian Cupid, but I think I’ll deactivate. I don’t need a horse person if it’s gonna cost me $95.95 for six months. I’d rather get him/her hooked all by myself. 😉


        1. My horse is my love! He doesn’t have to take me to dinner. He does plenty by not bucking me off when I can’t decide on a distance! Hahah!


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