Blankets, according to your groom

After all the weather we’ve been having lately, I think I can safely say that I am now an expert on horse blankets. Now of course, everyone is going to have their own opinion on blankets, but personally I think the most important one is that of the person who is going to spend all day taking them off and putting them back on again (that’s me! 😉 ), so here is what your groom is really thinking about your horse’s blankets:
Rambo Original Turnout

Anything by Horsewear Ireland
Sturdy, functional, and basically indestructible. Will last literally forever. Great in the stall but unless your horse NEVER MOVES the lack of leg straps mean that it will never, ever, stay on properly (or at all) in turnout.

As a rider, I love Baker. They’re a classic for a reason. As a groom? I’m constantly re-sewing on the straps (pro tip: use dental floss) and those old-fashioned front buckle-buckles (as opposed to snaps or the twisty-lock things) are not fun to fiddle with when it’s dark and your fingers are freezing.


Is your horse actually a pony? Does your horse actually belong to your twelve-year-old daughter? If you are over 18 and/or your horse is over 15 hands, these blankets look silly and I am judging you. Also, the belly surcingles are constantly coming undone, and the buckle-buckles are an automatic -100 points.

Pessoa, Shires Equestrian
I feel pretty neutral about these blankets – they do their job, and the Pessoa ones in particular are very pretty – but why do the front straps buckle backwards? Way to throw me out of a routine, guys.


These are actually on my shortlist for “blankets I would buy my hypothetical horse” because I adore them, especially fit-wise. There’s just something about the elastic neckline (and gussets, and belly straps…) that really works, especially for rowdier horses, and they’re well made generally too. Literally the only thing about these blankets that I don’t like is the buckle-buckle fronts. But even then, they’re so wide it’s not nearly as difficult as most.

Closed-front blankets
Your horse thinks that this blanket is trying to eat him and I don’t enjoy having to convince him otherwise.


Hug closure blankets
Awesome idea in theory. Like a closed front but with more adjustability and without the scary. In practice? These are such a pain to take on and off! It just takes too long.

Blankets with more than 300 grams of fill
Why would you do this to us. Do you know how much of a pain these are to fold? Do you live in Alaska? No? I didn’t think so. Just layer your blankets like the rest of us.

Blankets with three belly surcingles
Someone will always forget the third one and because of that this blanket never, ever comes off on the first try.

Matching blankets for every horse in the barn
Y’know, this would be okay if they weren’t always LABELLED WITH THE FARM NAME. That labelling was super helpful; I really appreciate it. Better hope all your horses are the exact same size.


Pictures in this post are from Horsewear Ireland, SmartPak, TurtleNeck, and Dover Saddlery.


  1. Surprisingly, my horse’s Rambo’s have stayed in place relatively well during turnout… where he alternates pretending to be a circus horse and a racehorse….


  2. Thanks so much for the compliment on Fly On Over’s website design! To tell you a little secret — both my theme and SMTT’s — are free themes we’ve just customized. I’m to cheap to pay for something like that right now. But if I can be of any help, feel free to reach out on Facebook, Twitter or Email!


    1. You’re welcome! Even if they’re just free themes they’re still semi-custom and both you and Lauren have done a lot to make your blogs look very unique – and that’s the part that we really admire. (I totally understand the cheap thing – that’s why I’m planning on more or less just building it by hand instead of paying for something! xD) I’ll probably be taking you up on that offer sometime soon, thanks!


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