The great search for breeches

So as you may or may not have noticed from all the pictures that exist of me riding, I own exactly one pair of breeches. (Well, I own three, but one pair has mysteriously disappeared and another pair is way too big on me.) Recently I have decided that I probably need to rectify this. I’m not a breeches hoarder by any means like some of y’all are, but I would really like to have at least one pair of well-fitting tan (I could also do khaki or a softer rust) breeches in case I ever go off-property for a clinic or even to a show, or something like that.

There’s just one problem: I am exceedingly picky about my breeches, and most things on the market? Don’t work for me.


  • Mid or high/regular rise. The higher the better. I want my breeches to hit my ribcage. Unfortunately this eliminates a ton of otherwise great breeches – but I cannot deal with a low rise breech at all.
  • Front zip. I actually don’t really have a comfort-based preference for front vs. side zip; I just think it looks stupid to wear your belt buckle on your hip and because of that I only wear front zip breeches.
  • Classic styling. None of this stripey technical kneepatch shit for me. It doesn’t have to be deerskin or anything, but I really do prefer simple. If you look at my breeches and say to yourself, “Boring!”, then I have succeeded. I’d be more flexible on this if these were for schooling (I can’t tell you how much my inner funky fashionista lusts after those houndstooth Aztec Diamond breeches that Amanda has, or a pair of orange Schockemoehles) but what I’m looking for right now are going to be my ‘nice’ breeches, so… they need to look nice.
  • In the $150-range or cheaper. Self, you’ve waited four years for your Le Fash; you can wait a little longer.

Do not wants:

  • Wide waistband. No. All my belts are Normal Size Belts and I am not buying more belts to fit with whatever look is currently trending.
  • Excessive branding. So, y’know, nothing by SmartPak (SP, I like you, but please stop plastering your name everywhere).
  • Thick crunchy fabric. I like my breeches very formfitting and stretchy, and they have to breathe because of the extreme heat we get in the summer. This also puts the classic Tailored Sportsmans right out.

I don’t really care about euro seats or sock bottoms or special seaming/cuts or how well the fabric hides cellulite. I am blessed with the type of body that will basically look good in anything. For me, it’s mostly about fit (harder than you would expect) and the aforementioned very specific aesthetic things.

I am planning on taking a trip to the good tack store sometime in the next week or so and hopefully they will be able to help me out, but in all my extensive online searching, I haven’t been able to find anything that fits my criteria. Am I being too picky? Most of these things I am not willing to sacrifice on (the only one I would is the waistband and maybe price, and even then, it would have to be otherwise perfect).

So I’m leaving it to you, dear readers: have you ever come across a breech that might work for me? Even if you have a favourite that isn’t necessarily what I’m looking for, please tell me about it!


  1. I can ruin your Le Fash dreams if you want, by saying I found the fabric a bit thick/stiff and they’re notorious for blowing out at the seams. Problem solved? 😉


    1. Unfortunately the On Course breeches don’t come in my size but I will definitely be looking at the others! Those FITS breeches look amazing and I’ve heard great things about the brand in general.


  2. My favorite “discount” breeches are my Riding Sports, I’ve worn them 2ish times a week for months now and they still look practically brand new! Sadly they are side zip and low-rise, so not quite what you’re looking for (also am I really dumb? Because I wear my belt buckle in front no matter where the zip on my pants are. Belt buckles to the side is ridiculous!). But I just splurged on a pair of TS Trophy Hunters and they are waaaaay different from the TS breeches I used to have. The material is way stretchier, more breathable, thinner, less crunchy, more formfitting, and all around better. Just a few days ago I would agree with you about TS breeches being thick and crunchy, but now I’m obsessed. It’ll be a love from afar because they’re not exactly cheap, but it’s love nonetheless.


    1. (YES PEOPLE REALLY WEAR THEIR BELT BUCKLES ON THE SIDE WITH SIDE ZIPS. IT’S SO STUPID. Don’t worry, you are definitely not the dumb one xD)

      I might be convinced to check out some Trophy Hunters if they’re as different as you say!


      1. Belt buckles are for the front of pants, people!! Don’t they feel lopsided???
        I think they’re definitely worth a try, though the side zip and wider waistband might bum you out. I’m pretty tall and lanky, and I found that they fit much better than most other brands. Let me know what you think!


        1. I’m pretty sure they have a mid rise front zip version out there somewhere. I know you’re a similar build to me so if they’re good for you that gives me some hope! xD


  3. The rise really depends on how you are built. For me the TS mid rise trophy hunters are almost up to my belly buttom because I am short there. So don’t completely rule out midrise unless you have a very long torso.

    There are some old school style TS that are regular rise but with newer fabrics that come up way higher than I could handle so maybe that’s a good option. Another girl at my barn wears some RJ Classic breeches that are very traditional and higher rise, but I don’t know much about them otherwise.

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    1. I am definitely okay with midrise sometimes! My issue is that I have very long legs and hips as well as a long waist, and I NEED to tuck in my shirt always. Certain midrises don’t work with every shirt. xD

      I’ll definitely look into RJ Classics!


      1. My current show breeches are actually RJ Classics and I really like them- I got the low rise and they’re a bit lower than I like, but otherwise the fit and fabric are really nice.


  4. I’m pretty much opposite all your dislikes. I want a 2″ belt, mid-rise and a side zip. The Trophy Hunter midrise side zips are my perfect breech.


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