Why It’s Important to Be Yourself

Since I am pretty much bed ridden for the first few weeks of my recovery, my social life has to come to me. A few of my friends have been wonderful enough to visit me or call me or FaceTime me, which brightens my day so much. Seriously, I’ve watched more television in seven days than I have in the last year. It’s so refreshing to have people come see me. One of my friends, who is fortunate enough to have the financial backing to have multiple horses and compete in the ‘AA’ circuit, was talking to me tonight about how we’re the different girls at the horse show and how that it made us unique.


When I was in Virginia, I had come from years at a prep school, in that the academia was designed to be a challenging college preparatory load as well as the students followed preppy trends. Amanda can and will attest to this. Because we had uniforms, I had no clue how to dress myself when I got to college. That summer between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college, I had a job at Old Navy, which meant a discount on clothes at Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic. Outside of high school, I pretty much went to the barn or places that required jeans and a t-shirt. Seriously, I didn’t wear much. My parents helped me pay for a bunch of new clothes for college thanks to my discount, and my future roommate lived in the area, so she helped me shop.

Looking back at pictures, I realize how preppy I had been dressed. It’s not a bad look; it’s just a look I don’t like.


So when I started at Georgia Southern, I went in with the mentality that this was the first time that I was truly going to be 100% myself. I was going to wear whatever looked good getting out of bed that morning. I was going to be proud that I liked Star Wars and comic books and that I much preferred the company of animals to people. I was going to be loud, like my Irish heritage dictated. I was going to drink wine because it tasted better than cheap beer (I mean, whoops, I didn’t drink under age 😉 ).

63710_1490990164459362_213341272_nAnd if I hated Georgia Southern, or if I made a total fool of myself, then screw it, I could always transfer again.

But you know what? At the end of the first semester, I had a great group of close friends, more friends than I had ever had in my life. I was being myself and finding that others liked the real me. I was happy.

1525662_1504468063111572_1278858646_n 10934010_1751628878395488_6602909519309981919_n 320336_10151921394795634_294554051_n 59185_1443503419208037_1710580354_n 1005492_1438499416375104_174255733_n

I may not be the girl at the horse show wearing brand name Polo and a Baker belt. But I am proud of my highlighter pink off brand polo shirt and blue breeches. I like my blingy belt. I love my lucky zocks (the rainbow zebra ones!). The colored tips in my hair are here to stay. I’m gonna brag about my tattoos. I’m going to listen to my weird music. I’m gonna dance like an idiot and baby talk my horse and shout because I’m really freaking happy and I want everyone to know it. And you know what? No one is going to get in the way of that.

Life is too short to let someone else get in the way of something that makes me happy.

Jam with me.


    1. I’ve had nothing but time to ponder. Hahaha. Amanda makes fun of me, lovingly of course, that I’m tacky. But I’m the one paying for the equipment; I want to like it!

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  1. This is a realization that I wish everyone could come to!

    Hope you’re feeling better every day 🙂


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