I am a Trophy Hunter convert…

So, remember how I was going to go breech shopping with all of your lovely suggestions in mind?

Well, on Friday, I had the day off work, so I got Kelsey out of her house for something that wasn’t a doctor’s appointment and we headed on up to Atlanta Saddlery. I knew that if anyone would be able to find something that fit me, they would be able to. (For simple things, I usually just go to Dover, but if I’m buying anything expensive or something that has to be specially fitted, like helmets, Atlanta Saddlery is the absolute best).

wpid-20150306_192204.jpgI tried on about six or seven pairs of breeches and only found one that more or less fit (a pair of Ariat Heritages that poofed out in the thighs in a very Best of the Eighties way) before I caved and tried on the TS Trophy Hunters, at the behest of a boarder from Work Barn who also works at the store. And, dear readers?

I really liked them a lot. A lot. I came out of the changing room at the store smiling.

I mean, the rise is still a little lower than I would prefer, even on the mid-rise, and it’s still the wide waistband, but they’re so comfortable and they fit. It’s so hard to express how hard that is for me to find! So, because I really didn’t feel like going on an extended shopping trip and/or ordering a thousand things online only to return most of them… I bought them.

I’ve already ridden in them and they continue to be amazing – I think they fit even better when mounted. (And I didn’t feel all sweaty and gross in the heat!) Did I go over my budget? Yes. Did I hop on the biggest bandwagon that has ever existed? Yes. (Kelsey made sheep noises at me in the car! xP) But I’m okay with that. These are going to last forever, especially since I’m not exactly planning on wearing them all the time, and they’re not exactly going to go out of style anytime soon. I have to remind myself sometimes that it’s okay to do nice things for myself, even if I am on a budget. And this time? I’m definitely glad I did.

(Also, I bought ADORABLE new riding socks and they make me smile.)


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