Blogkeeping updates and more!

Over the past few days I’ve been spending a lot of time working on improving our blog! We now have a Facebook page as well as a Twitter feed. We’ve updated the Contact page to include these, as well as some of our own personal social media accounts. Additionally, you can now follow The Poor Amateur’s Almanac with Bloglovin’!

All posts on the blog have now been appropriately categorised and a menu has been added to the navigation so you can view posts by category. I’m also working on implementing a menu so you can view posts by the horse(s) mentioned in them.

Onto blog appearance: I’ve created a new header image for the blog as well as a matching square version of the logo for use on social media. Both feature a sketch I did of a pony eating a dollar bill:

Profile sketch of a horse eating a dollar bill

Meet Benjamin! After I drew him, Kelsey and I decided that he was too cute not to name and as such, he is now the Poor Amateur’s Almanac “mascot”. The name Benjamin comes from the fact that Ben Franklin is on the $100 bill – and he also wrote Poor Richard’s Almanack, which was the inspiration for our blog’s name! We also gave him a “show name” just for fun – My Paycheck!

With these aesthetic updates came an official style guide for the blog (here’s a great post on why your blog needs a style guide), because there’s nothing I like more than consistent branding. And while we’re currently not planning on moving to a self-hosted blog anytime soon, I’ve been working on a rough mockup for a custom theme when that day does come. We both really love the professional look of blogs like Fly On Over, The Legal Equestrian, and She Moved to Texas, all of which have custom or semi-custom themes. We’re trying to do what we can to make our blog look as good as possible.

Please let us know what you think!

Are there any other updates you think we need to make? What would YOU like to see from our blog? Don’t be shy – design features, content, whatever you can think of!


  1. I love the logo! And the organizational-type work you did looks fantastic. The mockup is brilliant too- that’s such a good idea to get down what you want to work towards! Maybe you can teach me how to Twitter…I’ve been lurking there for ages because I have no idea what to do!


    1. I actually got into Twitter because I have a good group of friends and we all essentially use it as “instant messaging” (hence why my personal Twitter is private) – but it’s actually one of the biggest places you can be for marketing! My mother, who’s been a web and marketing executive-type-person for ages, was actually the one who had the idea. It’s a great way to interact with other people, brands, companies, and whatever else and it is great at bringing in traffic, if that’s what you want.

      I’m sure if you Google “why bloggers should have a twitter” or something like that you’ll find some useful articles~


      1. I definitely see the benefits and really want to get into it! Still trying to think of clever things to say haha. I’m definitely psyched to see your posts 🙂


  2. LOVE Benjamin – very cute! Thanks for the link to the style guide post, too – looks super useful.


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