Sorry for the delay in this post! I’ve been celebrating! 

Good news, readers! I’m 100% cleared for all activity, including riding! Amanda was nice enough to be a body at the barn for me while I had my first ride back on Mini. All we did was walk and sort of trot for ten steps, but it was SO wonderful. 

So, expect some lesson reports from me again in the near future. And I’ll be training for a 5k, so hopefully training will slim me down to buy some more new products (yay product reviews). I’m just so excited to be cleared to ride again. 

In the commotion of the accident, my helmet and my saddle cover disappeared. So I’ll keep you updated on their return (because it’s very important!). Hopefully I don’t have to drop some money on a new helmet. This is what I get for not putting initials on my stuff, I guess. 


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