My “If I had the Money” Discipline

So I’m a show jumper. I love the speed and the challenging courses. Plus, you can win money. What’s not to love? As a starving college student, I can only afford so much. If I could financially swing it, I’d be doing anything I could to get on a horse all the time. Whenever I can get around to affording it, I’m going to start some dressage lessons because I have wanted to properly learn dressage for as long as I can remember.

Whenever I get around to being a NYT Best Selling author and marry rich, I’m going to try every discipline. But the one I’ll pursue the hardest is mounted archery.

Now, archery is one of those cool skills. When I hear archery, my mind goes to some pretty awesome people.

4-legolas 7-merida tumblr_nnahlouXfP1s9xo4no1_500 tumblr_nnh5fdSF371sobt8vo1_1280 tumblr_nntkfqOQDg1shg1qyo1_400

But when I think of mounted archery, my mind goes here:

Who wouldn’t want to be freaking LINK? Legend of Zelda is my favorite Nintendo game series. So hell yeah I want to be as awesome as Link and Epona.

My favorite things:



Bay(ish) horse


Awesome music

So if any of you want to help fund my mounted archery dreams, I’m taking donations. I’m gonna need archery lessons, equipment, a horse, money to make my cosplay, hair styling, probably some first aid because I’m a klutz, and some speakers to play music from the games. Who’s gonna help me?

I’m curious. What’s your would-be discipline?


  1. Hmmmm. If I had All The Money, I think I would get myself one of those big fancy imports and demand that he carry my butt around the high A/O jumper ring! Maybe I’m just not creative…but I love jumping big!


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