Let’s Get Physical

The unfortunate thing about being a poor college student is not getting to go on amazing riding excursions or pay for horse shows or anything like that. I’ve got two friends spending their summers in Italy.

11392832_10106990700511951_3635617476703964895_n11350627_1682225682000266_8833483788423011318_nMy trainer took a group on an incredible expedition through Ireland.

10376303_707030296009380_6518440553434131932_nOne of my good friends is going to Canada for a month to be a working student at an eventing barn.

10995630_10207524186649673_8144644134009092338_nAnother of my friends is training and showing a client’s incredible horse all summer.

What do I get to do? Physical therapy.

I’ve been putting it off, mostly because I didn’t want to admit I needed physical therapy. This morning, I had my first session. It was one of those occasions where a man telling you that you’re tight is not a good thing. My therapist worked on my tendons and ligaments for no less than fifteen minutes, trying to warm everything up and loosen it. Then I biked for ten minutes. I finished with some stretchy exercises. Rest assured that my homework is more stretching so I can actually do some real therapy next week.

99 days post-surgery, and my scars are looking pretty good! (SEMI-GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW!) Hopefully I’ll find a way to get back in the saddle soon. I’m dying for a ride!

IMG_8894 IMG_8895


  1. I definitely have horse-show-envy right along with you. My full-time job gives me enough time and funds for my half lease and MAYBE one show a month, and very little more than that. Until my fairy godmother swoops in with an imported warmblood, I live vicariously through people on Instagram!
    Very glad you’re healing up well, I’m sure you’ll be back in the saddle in no time at all!


    1. See, I could probably swing a show or two this summer, but I can’t jump, so I can’t justify it. Lol


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