Next Big Adventure

Remember when I told y’all that Amanda and I had a big announcement? Well, Amanda has said her piece (in quite a dull way,  I might add). Here’s mine: I moved! I decided that it was in my best interest to return to school. Don’t worry; I’ll still be riding. Of course, Atlanta is about four hours away from me, so getting to lessons at Megan’s might be difficult. I wish my goodbye to her and the farm could have been different, but it was hard to leave. Megan is a very trusted friend. And hopefully I’ll be back one day.

So the news gets bigger. I’ve caught the bug. In just about two weeks, I’ll be starting lessons with my new trainer at an eventing barn! Needless to say, I’m nervous. It’s been months since I’ve had a proper lesson. Sure, I was cleared to ride. But it was hard to financially justify spending all that money on a lesson when I was still limping when I walked. I wouldn’t say I’m a hundred percent yet, but I’m walking a lot better. The muscles are slowly coming back and the ligaments and tendons are getting looser. There’s hope yet!

I’ve been in my new house for several days now. My roommate is awesome. She rides on the school’s IHSA team and has an Aussie named Beau. (Remy has a playmate!) The only real inconvenience I have faced is that I’m stranded. I was in a minor car accident on the way down here––no one was hurt and it wasn’t my fault––so my car is currently not safe to drive. It can’t be repaired until Monday morning, weather permitting. I still need to hit up Walmart and Hobby Lobby for supplies to complete the process of making this place feel like home. But Remy, the guinea pigs, and I are safe and sound.


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