Missing: two bloggers

please pardon the brevity of this post, my dears. I’m on my phone because the hound and I are tucked into bed. It’s 10:30. We are party animals! Haha. 

Well, I can’t speak to Amanda’s lack of posting. (She does lead a busy life, BUT she has been riding.) I’ll keep poking her with a stick (metaphorically; sadly there isn’t a stick long enough to reach from South Georgia to North Georgia) until she posts something. 

As for me, I did take a year off last year. So adjusting back to the traditional classroom has been hard! I forgot how hard this was. Doing work on a set schedule is a lot more difficult than I remember. Online classes were so nice that way. But I am learning a ton more. I have some incredible professors and I’ve met so many cool people within my major and minor. It’s really wonderful to be back. That said, working about 18 hours a week on top of 15 hours of classes (plus a ton of homework and a dog and two guinea pigs) is a lot to juggle. Truthfully, it’s been more of a financial struggle. Do you know how expensive groceries are? I had certainly forgotten. Let’s just say I’ve learned to love the store brand of a warehouse store of which I am not especially fond. Fear not, my friends! I do have a consultation set with a trainer down here. She is a three-day eventer! So this will be a great chance for me to work on my dressage (YAY!). We are going to set up a training plan/course of action to work my ankle back into shape. I’ll update y’all as soon as I know. I’m so excited to get back to riding. (I totally don’t need to eat on Mondays and Wednesdays. Nah.)

Again, we (I) apologize for the continued silence. It won’t last long! 


  1. Hey! Do ya’ll accept guest posts for your blog? If so I’d love to contribute a story for your site. Let me know.


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