Missing: two bloggers

please pardon the brevity of this post, my dears. I’m on my phone because the hound and I are tucked into bed. It’s 10:30. We are party animals! Haha. 

Well, I can’t speak to Amanda’s lack of posting. (She does lead a busy life, BUT she has been riding.) I’ll keep poking her with a stick (metaphorically; sadly there isn’t a stick long enough to reach from South Georgia to North Georgia) until she posts something. 

As for me, I did take a year off last year. So adjusting back to the traditional classroom has been hard! I forgot how hard this was. Doing work on a set schedule is a lot more difficult than I remember. Online classes were so nice that way. But I am learning a ton more. I have some incredible professors and I’ve met so many cool people within my major and minor. It’s really wonderful to be back. That said, working about 18 hours a week on top of 15 hours of classes (plus a ton of homework and a dog and two guinea pigs) is a lot to juggle. Truthfully, it’s been more of a financial struggle. Do you know how expensive groceries are? I had certainly forgotten. Let’s just say I’ve learned to love the store brand of a warehouse store of which I am not especially fond. Fear not, my friends! I do have a consultation set with a trainer down here. She is a three-day eventer! So this will be a great chance for me to work on my dressage (YAY!). We are going to set up a training plan/course of action to work my ankle back into shape. I’ll update y’all as soon as I know. I’m so excited to get back to riding. (I totally don’t need to eat on Mondays and Wednesdays. Nah.)

Again, we (I) apologize for the continued silence. It won’t last long! 


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