Amanda’s Ultimate Equestrian Holiday Wishlist

We are coming up on my favourite time of year – the holiday season! While it is true that I am not a fan of winter weather or family gatherings, I am a huge fan of any occasion that results in other people giving me free things – and really, who isn’t? Because I am on a pretty tight budget, I don’t often treat myself to anything, especially horsey things. But that doesn’t mean I don’t keep an eye out! Here are a few things I’m hoping Santa will leave for me under the tree:

Ecogold Pumpkin Spice Flip Half Pad


Ecogold, $249

Y’all. It’s a super nice half pad. IN MY FAVOURITE COLOUR. No matter that I don’t use a half pad on most of the horses I ride right now; that could totally change if I had one this undeniably awesome. It’s limited edition, too, so I definitely need this now and not later. I’ve never tried an Ecogold half pad, but many other bloggers have spoken quite highly of it so I’m pretty confident that it is a good buy! [PC: Ecogold]

Tall Waterproof Country Boots


Dublin Pinnacle Boot; Riding Warehouse, $199.95

I mentioned in my 5 Show Essentials post that I have yet to find a decent waterproof boot with all-day, walkable comfort for use when I’m grooming at shows. Muck or gardening boots are waterproof and tall enough to prevent shavings from getting in my shoes, but have no support when I’m on my feet all day. Ankle-height hiking boots are waterproof and have great support, but when I’m mucking stalls shavings always get inside them. I am very, very interested in a pair of country boots, which should hit all of my criteria! I’m not married to any particular pair, but I really like the adjustable calf on the Dublin Pinnacles, pictured above. My calves are quite small and always feel like I’m swimming in tall boots, so adjustability is a big bonus. [PC: Dublin Clothing]

Ghodho Victoria Breeches


Ghodho, $150

These have not officially been released yet, but as soon as they are you can bet I am going to be the first person in line to preorder! I’m a neutrals girl at heart, but I make an exception for anything in a colour that can be described as ‘red wine’ – and these burgundy breeches fit the bill. I already have a pair of the old-style Ghodo breeches in military green, which I adore and wear regularly both in and out of the saddle, so I’m very excited about the new designs which will be coming out soon. [PC: Ghodho]

Aztec Diamond Houndstooth Luxe Breeches


Aztec Diamond Equestrian, ~$152

Yes, yes, I know; another pair of breeches. But I only have two pairs of regular breeches (I don’t like to wear my show breeches to lesson/school) and I ride more often than I can bother to do delicate loads of laundry: I actually need these! I’ve mentioned wanting these before, and that has not changed. I like that they’re a neutral colour but with a fun twist, and houndstooth is a favourite pattern of mine. Unfortunately, these do not come in my size – but hey, maybe that will change in the future! I’ll keep my hopes up. [PC: Aztec Diamond]

One Horse Threads FW16 Sweatshirts

one horse

One Horse Threads, $49 each

Comfy sweatshirts are my favourite, and I love One Horse Threads’ designs because they’re appropriate for the real world. I have a severe lack of fashionable sweaters and outerwear layers, so I love that I can wear these at the barn and then turn around and go out to dinner with friends without looking out of place – or even for work! They’re also not too ‘cutesy’, which is an issue I’ve found with some other equestrian fashion companies – One Horse has beautiful designs that I feel totally comfortable wearing as an adult in a non-horsey context. The ones I’ve pictured are my favourites (a wine colour and neutrals; shocker), but I definitely recommend checking out their website for more! [PC: One Horse Threads]

Brown Field Boots


Waverly Field Boot in Brown; Horse Country Store, $895

What do you mean I don’t need these? That I ride in my existing boots just fine? There are plenty of reasons not to buy brown field boots. But that doesn’t matter. I just want to look pretty for the grand total of two people who ever see me ride. Look, some things don’t need logic, okay? [PC: Horse Country]

Horse Books Galore!

World Glass Grooming for Horses by Cat Hill and Emma Ford;, $29.37

I love books. I own hundreds of them – a thousand, easily, if you count ebooks. I don’t read a ton of equestrian fiction but I love horsey reference books, so much so that I have an entire bookshelf dedicated to them. Not a single shelf – the vertical set of shelves. I am always game for more knowledge! [PC:]

A Free Pony

The only kind of free pony there is.

Preferably a big mare in an interesting colour that isn’t grey who moves well and jumps the moon, and also comes with a lifetime of free board, and vet care, and shoes, and show entry fees. So, y’know. Your average Breyer horse. [PC: Breyer]

Is there anything you’re hoping to receive for the holidays – or are you planning on gifting something fun for yourself? Tell me about it!


  1. Don’t get a gray pony. It isn’t worth it. Well, it might be worth it but oh my god it’s the biggest pain in the patootie. I hadn’t seen the new Ghodo color, omg I’m so excited now!!! Must buy all the breeches 4evarrr.


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