All I Really Want for Christmas This Year

The real list, let’s be honest, is for my bills to be paid for a year, my tuition to be paid off through graduate school, and a trip to Fiji. And maybe a new camera lens. But let’s be honest. It’s not going to happen.

So, on to the wants/dreams list.

  1. A horse (preferably bay, gray, or palomino) that’s at least 15.3 hands and no taller than 16.3 with auto changes. I’m more a gelding person than mares, but I’m not picky. He needs to be able to jump up to training level eventing but quiet enough to help me finish my rehabilitation and learn dressage so really he needs to be a total saint to put up with me. No maintenance is ideal. Oh, and my budget is absolutely maxed out at 5k. Here’s a picture to help you get started on my search.

    Knowing my luck, it’s probably a mare. 
  2. A dressage saddle. Acceptable brands include County and and Voltaire. The more I ride dressage, the more I fall in love with the sport. And I haven’t even ridden that much dressage. Courtney has done an excellent job of converting me.
  3. Breeches. Breeches. Breeches! You can never have too many. Romfh is my favorite because they fit me perfect and they can even make me look four inches taller!      20270_Sesame_NEW_Silo
  4. Blingy, fabulous belts. I love zebra print. Hint hint.263863_104817-womens-western-rhinestone-concho-hair-on-zebra-bel_large
  5. Fly bonnets. Because they’re fabulous and classier than obnoxious polo wraps. (Amanda, you can’t make me get rid of the saddle pads. Sorry not sorry! ^_^ ) Custom ones are ideal so I can coordinate with my stuff.
    Knowing my luck, it’s probably a mare.


  6. Helmets are always a welcome gift because safety is crucial in this sport. I’ll be needing a skull cap to ride cross country safely. And I’ve always wanted a Speed AirSpeed-air-CRYSTAL-
  7. Speaking of safety, why not add a cross country vest? Let’s go for one of the safest on the market!ADVA_Buckle_Zipper1_350x280
  8. New Ariat Terrain Boots. I love these things. They’re so comfy and they give you the ability to run if you need to and they’re comfortable for long days at the barn or by the ring. Bonus: they’re stirrup safe. I’ve had a pair of these–the non water proof ones at that–since I was 14. I’m 22 now and for the most part they’re still holding up. They’ve got a few holes and I kind of destroyed the laces, but the soles are still good. I love these boots and would offer some interesting things for a new pair of them.Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.18.53 PM
  9. New ! My calves have changed shape and size. I’ve gained weight, lost weight, not to mention my right calf and ankle are significantly larger than my left thanks to the rod and pins in there. My 7.5 slim calf Treadstones aren’t going to cut it anymore! Time to hit up eBay and get some money back in my life!

    Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 11.26.51 PM
    Hopefully my schooling boots still fit…
  10. Another tack trunk. Why? Because I could probably be classified as a hoarder. I have a lot of stuff for all the horses I don’t have. I absolutely love the plans at Elite Tack Design and I know quite a few carpenters in my life… Hint hint.dmichell-2atc


Please contact me via the blog’s email if you’d like to donate anything to my Christmas wish list. 😉 

Happy Holidays to everyone! Be safe, love and celebrate all you can, and go hug some ponies.


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