Wrapping Up the Year 2015

So do you guys remember when Amanda and I made those blog posts about goals for 2015?


Hah. We didn’t. (In my defense, I had a broken ankle hindering me from accomplishing a lot of my goals.) I wish there was time for a last minute scurry to finish and accomplish, but let’s be real here: there are two days left to 2015.

Needless to say, I’m ready for a new year. I’ve got friends and family getting married, new classes to look forward to, hopefully a new job… Plus some other exciting news. I should be able to update y’all on the fourth or the fifth of January, so stay tuned.

Lucky duck Amanda is currently enjoying her winter holidays in Paris, France.

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Bath + wine + book = magic

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Tough life, right?

Meanwhile, I’ve spent my time post-finals working. Literally the whole time. I did a week at my store in my college town just to come home and work at my old store here in Atlanta. Today was my first day off in a while. and how do I celebrate? By playing receptionist for the day at my dad’s practice. Oy vey. At least I might be able to feed myself for a few weeks when I get back down to school… Maybe.

giphy (1)

So let’s take a look at how accomplished Amanda and I were this year.

Amanda’s Goals

  • Release over fences
    • Speaking as someone who has watched Amanda ride for a long time and gotten lots of videos of her riding, I can fully attest to the fact that she has improved her release over fences this year. This makes for a much nicer ride and a happier horse!
  • Start exercising
    • Weeelllll, we had talked about exercising together, but that kind of never happened.
  • Post more without stirrups
    • Most definitely. Amanda has been pretty good about forcing herself to post without stirrups to improve her ride.
  • Be able to hold two point for longer
    • To this goal, I have no idea.
  • Be able to ride more than once a week
    • Time wise? Yes. Financially? Eh…
  • Maintain riding fitness
    • Well, she looks better in her breeches than I do!
  • Get back auto release
    • She’s definitely on the right path.
  • Attend/audit a clinic
    • To my knowledge, she did not make it to a clinic this year.

Kelsey’s Goals

  • Get “eye” back
    • Despite being out of the tack for far longer than I would prefer, I do indeed have something of an eye again.
  • Ride a full course
    • Shortly before the ankle incident, Audio and I did a full course!
  • Drop stirrups more
    • Hah. In the words of Bartleby, “I’d prefer not to.”
  • Show once
    • Thanks a lot, trimalleolar fracture.
  • Ride in a clinic
    • See previous.
  • Lesson without stirrups
    • See previous.

giphy (2)
Han Solo is disappointed in us, and rightfully so. I know I speak for both Amanda and myself when I say that 2016 will see us trying at least a little harder on those goals.

Well, y’all, I’m hoping to get in one more ride before the new year, but that is going to depend upon the kindness of friends who have horses that can cart around my out of shape butt.

So I leave y’all, my dear readers, with this: May your new year not start off like this.giphy (3)

May your tack and your bones stay intact.

May your champagne be shared in the barn aisle.


May your midnight kiss be one planted on a fuzzy nose.


And most importantly, may your year be full of incredible rides with incredible friends.


  1. Awww hardly your fault about the broken ankle.. unless you purposefully smashed it with a hammer or something… And talking about exercise surely increases lung capacity, so you’re halfway there, right?


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