Update on Horses in the Classroom, Among Other Things

Hello, lovelies!

I’ve been hard at work on my empirical study for my Linguistic Theory class. This class is killer, y’all.

Working hard. Hardly sleeping.

But I’m hoping to get back to the barn (read: actually afford it) once the semester is over. Stay tuned on that front. There is a chance. Hello summer of labor. Goodbye body fat! (And sleep. Goodbye sleep. Oh wait, I haven’t seen sleep since maybe December.)

In addition to that linguistics project, I’m also working on a study for my Writing Studies class. It is about communication between animals and humans, with my primary focus of course being on dogs and horses. Between the two projects, I’m going to be recording a loooooot of information. You can keep up with my other blog for the Writing Studies project here –> Yes, I do talk to my pets. That’s sort of a shameless plug, but also I could use the support on the project. Technically, I haven’t posted anything yet because I’m still pretty heavy in the research stage on that one due to its later due date. But soon, my dears, soon!

Frankly, I always get frantic like this towards the end of the semester. I pressure myself to perform well because I know I am capable of that. And then I burn myself out by working so much that by the time finals end, I’m pretty close to catatonic for at least forty-eight hours. (This year, I’m planning a road trip to Charleston post-finals to research for a book! Can you say fun?)

As always, your support and kind words always get me through. Amanda and I are so lucky to have each of y’all who follow us here on this blog. You have no idea how much your comments and likes and follows me to us. I never thought this blog would take off the way it has, and for that I am eternally grateful.

Be patient, loves. I’ll get back to the barn soon.


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