In (Late) Celebration of International Lesson Horse Day!

So, this is a day late, but some of us have finals to prepare for before blogging, unfortunately! I cannot say thank you enough for everyone’s continued support. It is incredibly humbling to see my blog post finding its way all over again, and I love how something like that–the idea of the average day in the life of a lesson horse–unites this community from all over the world. It really reminds me why so many of my friends are horse people: they justย get me, the way that non horse people don’t.

Big shout out to Horse Nation and Jumper Nation for sharing the post again. It really makes me feel loved, which is always so helpful to me and my gloomy mind. โค [note: I opened a tab and googled the title “So God Made a Lesson Horse” … First result. I did that. Something I wrote is a first google result!!! O_O #dead #overwhelmed]

When I presented the project yesterday, I was proudly rocking one of my favorite t-shirts from a new brand that some of you might be following on Instagram… Ride Heels Down! I’m even on her website now. Check me out in my super luxurious Newton building classroom presentation on RHD’s Photos page. You can buy one of these awesome shirts, among some other rockin’ designs, here! If you can’t buy local, buy from small businesses! (I did both. Teehee!)

/Shameless plug.

ANYWHO. The much promised project. I talked to my department head, juuuust to be safe. Plus, he’s a pretty cool guy. But he advised me that I should not share it until after the grade is finalized because he does not want the presentation or report to appear plagiarized in any fashion. So once my grades are final, I PROMISE I SWEAR I CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE that I will post some highlights and the good stuff. No worries. I think y’all will really like it!

Much love, everyone. Soon, soon, oh lord so soon, my semester from hades is over! I cannot wait to get back to the barn and spend some time with the greatest creatures on the planet. Thank you for your continued readership and your continued patience. I can honestly say that all of you guys keep me going through the tough times.

Seriously, I would hug all of you if you let me.


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