Dawn of the First Day, 72 Years Remain

So I’ve worked at the new job for a week. I’ve been in my new apartment for almost two weeks! Florida grown-up life, I’m discovering that il coûte les yeux de la tête. Like why is everything so freaking expensive? Statesboro friends, take heed and love your low cost of living. I’m paying more than double what I paid to live down at school, and I don’t have a yard for Remy anymore, and it’s a second floor walk-up, and I have neighbors all around me again. Not gonna lie, I had really gotten used to the quiet all around in my duplex where my neighbors moved out. The people above me are possibly part elephant or participating in a medical experiment where their hands and feet have been replaced with cinderblocks. (But isn’t that everyone’s complaint of their upstairs neighbors?)

Grown up work space! LOVING the dual monitors!


The new job is fantastic, though. I really enjoy it. It hasn’t been super duper exciting yet, but I still really like what I’ve been doing. I try to look for those silver linings, so my boring data entry has actually been an excellent way to get to know the system and how product is sorted on the warehouse system. I’ve figured out most of the codes/abbreviations of items, and I’ve even discovered that I remember much more French than I previously thought. It’s been a challenge, but it keeps the mind sharp, right? No I’m totally not looking to add stress into my life by taking French classes at one of the colleges around here nope don’t know what you’re talking about.

Rem and Dill (coworker’s dog) embracing the idea of sharing

In other exciting news, I think I found a trainer. She’s a recommendation from my oh so wonderful Megan, back home in Georgia. I met her on Saturday and hung out at the farm. I’ve scheduled a lesson for Thursday, so stay tuned for that! It was so good just to love on some ponies. They were all very sweet and well cared for and interactive.

Look at just the little tongue too!

And wouldn’t you know it, I just met a cute little hunter prospect mare and fell in love. Me, a mare. Me, the person who swears she’ll only love geldings for all her days. Me, who claims hunters are the most boring and pointless discipline (at least at the local level) to ever exist in horse shows. But oh my god when I say she was sweet, I mean this little mare must be made of honey and daisies. She’s only four years old, but she didn’t act like it at all. And when she moves, she looks like a million bucks. The trainer told me that the mare hasn’t really been worked in a month due to the owner’s absence, and she still had more muscles than my dog, which is saying something. (Hound has a six-pack. I’m not kidding.) She’s got an interesting pedigree, with notable horses including Dixie Union, A.P. Indy, Unbridled, Seattle Slew, and Mr. Prospector. Someone please stop me from spending money I don’t have to buy a horse I can’t feed.

I’m super excited for my lesson and super nervous. So hopefully I don’t completely embarrass myself. And also hopefully I can stay awake because like I said, this is EXHAUSTING being an adult. And south Florida is disgustingly hot, so hopefully I get a little break in the heat tomorrow so I don’t overheat… Y’all, just think of me tomorrow. I could use the support.

What happens when baby horses who don’t know how to legs slip in the mud

I’m seeking some discussion here.

My go-to for minor booboos on horses, dogs, me, whatever has always been good ole MTG, even with it’s rotting bacon smell. It just works so well and so quickly. But MTG is an oil-based product, so I can’t use it on a horse who spends a lot of time in extreme temperatures (aka south Florida in the summer) because it will literally fry her skin… Is there anything y’all use that is not an oil based product?


    1. Vetricyn isn’t an oil based product, but I haven’t had a ton of success with it in the past. However, while searching just now for Vetricyn’s ingredients, I did see that they’ve also created a hydrogel formula. The closest comparison, based on the ingredients, that I can think of is something I should probably not mention in any public forum! Haha. But I think I might give that a try.


  1. Heal Quick By Herbal horse is awesome! (My horse’s skin blew up on MTG use too and it made me sad because I love the stuff) this post is also reminding me to go find my heal quick.


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