Welcome Back!

Welcome back, everyone!

In the appropriated words of Ryan Ross, “Oh how it’s been so long / we’re so sorry we’ve been gone / we were busy [riding horses] for you.”

The blog has seen some changes in the last few months! Here are the highlights:

  1. Amanda Lee has retired from writing on this blog. We miss her very much but wish her nothing but success as she continues on in her journey as a professional!
  2. Kelsey is still here. We also welcome three new authors: Gabrielle, Katlynn, and Virginia.
  3. We now own our URL! You can now reach us at pooramateursalmanac.com which we think is pretty snazzy.
  4. The blog got a makeover for 2018. New year, new look!
  5. We will soon be opening a small shop for some branded items, like polo shirts and saddle pads. Stay tuned for more on this!

Our 2018 goal is to keep doing what we love: riding horses and writing about horses. We’re glad to see you again. It’s nice to be home.


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