From my Fiancé’s Point of View

Here is a little background on us/ Ryan:

Ryan and I have been together for five and half years almost. We have lived together for about four and half years now.  We recently got engaged December of 2017, at the barn of course with Atlas. Shocking I know! We have not made any wedding plans yet, as we both are so close to graduating in Business Management and want that to be our main focus. He is incredibly smart, school/ things come very easy to him. For this I envy him. Ryan is three years older than me, 26. He was in the Marines for four years. He was stationed in Okinawa, Japan for about two years and deployed to Afghanistan for a year. He had little knowledge about horses when we first met, but now thanks to me has a plethora of knowledge.

I decided that it would be a fun interview to gain his perspective on this lifestyle I have forced upon him. Here is what I got. Enjoy!

  • What do you think of horses in general?

“I think they are very pretty, I think that they hold a certain American nostalgia, very delicate for how large they are. VERY expensive. For as big as they are too, scared of their own shadow.”

  • What do you think of it as a sport, and don’t say it’s not a sport?

“As a “sport” I think horseback riding is as interesting as watching paint dry. It’s like NASCAR they are making another left turn, they are jumping another jump.”

  • When did you first ride a horse?

“I was six years old at my dad’s friend’s house. It was big and blonde, and I think it was a girl. AND I was bareback.” Side note -This description had to be my favorite answer by far.

  • Until you met me did you have any interest in them at all?

“None at all, I still don’t to a degree. I like Atlas though, just because he is like me, and likes to eat.”

  • Were you nervous the first time you were around them with me?

“Not nervous, but certainly very respectful because of their size and power.”

  • What did you think the first time you saw me fall?

“This serves you right, but really hope she is ok. Then spent the next thirty minutes thinking about what a big baby you are in general, but you can fall off a horse and be perfectly fine.”

  • What were you thinking when I told you I had bought Atlas?

“Wow, wish we would have talked about this more. Did we win the lottery? She really is crazy. Maybe we should just call it quits now.” Then a stream of cuss words I won’t write in here.

  •   What did you think when you first met Atlas?

“What a goofy horse. When you first rode, god he is lazy. Lord he likes to eat. I definitely Saw a lot of dollar signs. I love you though, so I love Atlas. I really think he is good for you. I really don’t think he liked me at first, but I bribed him with treats over time. So, we are buddies now.”

  • What do you think of the expression “healthy as a horse”, and what do you think it actually means?

“Really the whole expression is just a big lie. Whoever came up with the expression never owned a horse. They are quite stupid for even coming up with the saying in the first place.”

  • What does my trainer tell me to do the most in a lesson?

“Stop being so nice to your horse.”

  • Favorite horse advice you have ever heard?

“Make sure you give him electrolytes, because it is hot outside. Just because it is hot outside doesn’t mean I need a Gatorade.”

“It’s going to get down to 55 degrees tonight make sure you put the blanket on, despite him having his winter coat. Do you see Dakoda needing a blanket? (our dog) Never seen a horse in the wild wearing a blanket.”

  • What is the most ridiculous thing I have ever said?

“Oh my god where do I even begin. You have literally said some of the craziest, most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my entire life when it comes to Atlas. One being we need a saddle fitter. Literally the dumbest s*** I have ever heard. Oh, and he likes having a job. That is the laziest horse I have ever seen. EVER.”

  • Define dressage.

“The ballet of horses?”

  • Define Three Day Eventing.

“We couldn’t spend enough money on one thing, so now we are going to try and spend more to be really good at three things.”

  • God forbid it comes to it, but would I pick you or Atlas?

“Oh, Atlas for sure. No doubt in my mind. I’d be gone and Atlas would be living a happy healthy life.”

  • Do you think all of us horse women are crazy?

“You guys all have problems.”

  • Why do you put up with it?

“This is what makes you happy. I only want you to be happy in this world. You love it, and I love you. Contrary to what I may say I do love Atlas very much. He is a part of our family.”

I wanted to take the time to dedicate this post to all the men out there who put up with us horse devoted women. We know you love us. For many this is not just a sport but a lifestyle, one we are obsessed with. Thank you Ryan for always supporting my dreams no matter how small, or big they may be. I love you Ryan forever and always.


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