[ReBlogged] Marilyn Little: Serial Mount Bloodier — The Salty Equestrian

Thank you to Renz over at The Salty Equestrian for sharing this info. Please give this a review and share your thoughts!



FYI I’m linking to places with pictures of Little riding with blood in the horses mouth but as I don’t have permission to use those pictures I’m trying to respect photographers by not re-posting. Instead there are definite little sprinkles of other articles (sources) here and there that you can click on. So if you follow […]

via Marilyn Little: Serial Mouth Bloodier… — The Salty Equestrian

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I know this is unpopular opinion in many realms, but I hate seeing those “big bits,” even in upper level competition, and this is just one excellent example why. In my experience, when it comes to training “tools” and aids, less is truly more. SMH.


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