About Katlynn

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  • Greetings fellow riders, My name is Katlynn! I am a Perry, Georgia, native home of the Georgia National Fair. Which, naturally meant I was around all thing agriculture at day one. As far as schooling goes, I am a graduate of Wesleyan College and current student at Trevecca Nazarene University completing a Master’s of Theological Studies. In order to pay for my equine addiction, I work part time as a vet tech at Central Georgia Equine Services. While it pays for my horse’s needs, it also turns me into a equine hypochondriac.
  • I began riding when I was eight years old. My illustrious riding career began in my Papa’s backyard on a 14.3 hh ex-trail pony named, Beauty. Unfortunately, when I began college I had to sell my baby. (A story too long for an about section.) However, I feel that when you have a God given passion They will open doors for you. That following year I got accepted into Wesleyan College. An institution that was chosen for a very academic decision: The barn was ON campus. From there I began to ride competitively on the school’s Western and Hunt Seat teams. Once I graduated and now horseless I began to find a job that would, you guessed it, pay for a horse. Eventually I found it and came to own Moissanite!
  • Okay, so here’s the thing, I could write forever about my horse. We’ll keep it to the basics though. The love of my life is a 5 year old, 16.3 hh OTTB named, Moissanite, or Moe. His lip tattoo is PO2439, in case you’re bored enough to look him up. After his 3 years at the track he completed 90 days of dressage training. From there he went to his previous home for a very cushy life of pasture modeling. Now, I own him and I could not be happier! We are currently trying to figure out what discipline we want to do and if showing is going to be (financially) possible. Until we get it sorted, the two of us are enjoying getting back to basics!
  • My goal would be to ride cross country competitively, but money.   
  • Oh geez, is all of them an answer? I probably to love to ride Frederik the Great. He’s just so majestic.
  • My two other fur babies are of the canine variety. I have an english springer spaniel called Pippa and a black lab pittie named Sophie.
  • I AM SO NERDY. Seriously, I spend a good deal of time reading fantasy novels along with looking for Dungeons and Dragons groups I can join. More often than not, my blogs are going to have some degree of geekdom. You’ve been warned.