About Kelsey

  • My name is Kelsey. I’m a recent graduate of Georgia Southern University, where I studied Writing, Linguistics, and Psychology. Currently I live near Wellington, FL, and work for Voltaire Design and Forestier Sellier.
  • I’ve been riding since age 8 and have tried nearly every discipline available to me. My heart belongs to eventing, though I have an extensive history of riding hunter/jumpers and barrel racing as well. My goal is to own my own horse and compete in preliminary level eventing one day.
  • No horse at the moment, but that may change soon!!
  • My dream discipline is mounted archery. I’ve casually pursued archery for several years and would love to combine my love of horses with my quest for fatal accuracy. I’d also love to try reining at some point.
  • I have a deep love for Theodore O’Connor (Teddy). Fun-sized eventers for the win.
  • Remington, my hound dog, is my constant companion, even at the barn. He wishes he could be a foxhound and a lapdog simultaneously.
  • Currently, I’m applying to graduate school to earn my MFA in Creative Writing along with working.
Kelsey and Bella
My niece, Hells Bells