Frequently Asked Questions

So why Poor Amateur’s Almanac?

Benjamin Franklin published a series of essays each year from (DATES) called Poor Richard’s Almanack. We think Ben’s work is just dandy and wanted to emulate his tone. Read more about the Almanack here.


What disciplines do the authors ride?

See, this is the beauty of being unattached adult amateurs. We are free to explore all the equestrian world has to offer. Granted, this may be limited based on finances and availability of our locales. But you can expect to read a little bit of everything. Kelsey does a little bit of everything,  Gabrielle’s is mainly hunter/jumpers, Virginia’s is hunter/jumpers, and Katlynn’s is cross country.


Will there be saddle pads/polo wraps/polo shirts/etc. available with your logo?

Benjamin will be making his way to some of these things soon. Stay tuned!!


Can I use your blog post on my website?

Please be sure to link us to the site and give the appropriate author credit!


Will you write about my product/service/book/website/thingamabob?

Please direct these inquiries to our email,


May I guest post/May I reuse one of your blog posts on my site?

Please direct these inquiries to our email,


I love your background! Where did you find it?

This image is freely used in the Creative Commons Market. It’s an original photograph by Flickr Pro miheco and we’re very grateful!


This page is up to date as of January 30, 2018.